KanoPool:  37.85PHs/41.85PHs
Shares:  26,021,968,280,247 (32.67%)
Invalids:  168.5k (0.14%) · 27.8G (0.11%)
Last Block
Pool:  13d 6h 54m (Solo 851081)
Network:  8m 25s (853071)
Users:  121
Workers:  325

Support and Miner Setup

Scroll down to Miner Setup to see details about your Miner Setup.


You can get pool support using the Discord invite: Discord, 10 minutes after first joining our Discord channel.
When you next go back to Discord, use the Discord login button at the top right in your browser to log back in.
Any questions about the Help pages here? Ask in Discord.

You can also get simple support on the Bitcoin talk forum here: BitcoinTalk
However, use Discord for all support if possible, since Discord is interactive.

To help avoid being scammed about KanoPool, note the following:
The old IRC support channel is no longer owned or used by KanoPool.
There are no 'KanoPool' groups on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or Telegram.


The main support for KanoPool is on Discord.
You can use the Discord invite: Discord to access the support channel.
There's a 10 minute delay after you join the channel, before you can post messages in Discord.
Make sure you stay connected otherwise you will timeout.
There's a Block Bot on Discord that reports any blocks we find within a few seconds.

You should get the Discord 'Miner' role, as explained further down,
to help stay connected and remove the 10 minute delay.
Once you have the Discord 'Miner' role - don't use the invite link, just login to Discord directly.

Altcoins, religion and politics are all Off Topic in Discord and likely to get you kicked.
Also, we are not a shop, so no advertising or buy/sell posts.
If you have been mining here for a while and are well known, and wish to sell some of your miners,
ask me first, before posting a message to ask people to contact you only in PM.
If you are being spammed by anyone, let me know and I'll 'resolve' it. 🙂

Note with Discord, if you don't have a role in the channel,
you must always be connected to the channel to interact with others.
If you timeout or disconnect, people can not send you messages,
and I cannot give you the Discord 'Miner' role when you aren't connected.

To get the Discord 'Miner' role, firstly, make sure your account here at KanoPool is verified,
if you haven't already verified it, at Account->Verify,
then create a 'Discord Key' on the Account->User Settings page.
In Discord, just tell me the 'Discord Key'. I don't need to know your pool username,
and it can be different to your Discord name.
Make sure you created the 'Discord Key' just before you tell me.
It can't be more than a day old when I check it.
Everyone has a different 'Discord Key'.

For all notifications about mining node maintenance see the Events list in Discord.
There's also always a post about them, in the main Discord channel, when they are added to the Discord Event list.
Node maintenance is usually, but not always, minor.
Miner configuration never needs to be changed for these events.

You can login to Discord on the same account more than once at the same time.
e.g. on your phone and on your home computer browser at the same time.

Miner Setup

The stratum.kano.is mining nodes are in West-USA and randomly select LosAngeles or Phoenix,
that are less than 10ms apart. 

There are other mining nodes located around the world that you may be closer to:
stratum+tcp://nya.kano.is:3333 (NewYork)
stratum+tcp://nl.kano.is:3333 (Netherlands)
stratum+tcp://de.kano.is:3333 (Germany)
stratum+tcp://jp.kano.is:3333 (Japan)
stratum+tcp://se.kano.is:3333 (Seattle)
stratum+tcp://la.kano.is:3333 (LosAngeles)
stratum+tcp://px.kano.is:3333 (Phoenix)
stratum+tcp://al.kano.is:3333 (Atlanta)

To check how close mining nodes are to you, just ping them.
 e.g. on linux or mac in a terminal: ping -c 4 la.kano.is
  on windows in a cmd screen: ping -n 4 la.kano.is
More complex software to check how close you are isn't necessary, and some don't give you correct results.

If you have network issues using port 3333, you can also try any of:

As with the stratum.kano.is node, all of the other mining nodes also allow mining to port 3333, 80, 81, 443 or 8080

If you have a web interface on your miner, you should setup more than one pool connection to KanoPool.
The best setup is to set the first pool pointing to the closest KanoPool mining node to you,
 and the second pool pointing to your next closest node.

For example, if you are in Germany, you should set the first pool to stratum+tcp://de.kano.is:3333
 and the second pool to stratum+tcp://nl.kano.is:3333
If you are in NewYork, you should set the first pool to stratum+tcp://nya.kano.is:3333
 and the second pool to stratum+tcp://al.kano.is:3333
If you are in Los Angeles, you should set the first pool to stratum+tcp://la.kano.is:3333
 and the second pool to stratum+tcp://px.kano.is:3333
If you are in Japan, you should set the first pool to stratum+tcp://jp.kano.is:3333
 and the second pool to stratum+tcp://se.kano.is:3333

You can of course setup a third pool in your miner, pointing to your next closest mining node.

If you are running cgminer with a Bitcoin USB miner on a computer, you can also specify multiple pools.
 e.g. cgminer -o stratum+tcp://de.kano.is:3333 -u worker -p x -o stratum+tcp://nl.kano.is:3333 -u worker -p x
i.e. you just specify a second, or even a third pool, after the first one.

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