KanoPool:  7.40PHs/7.47PHs
Shares:  29,526,285,613,854 (161.53%)
Invalids:  3.2M (0.25%) · 57.1G (0.19%)
Last Block
Pool:  183d 18h 41m (PPLNS 640887)
Network:  1m 18s (667741)
Users:  124
Workers:  254

Server UpgradeStatus: Complete
Server Upgrade at 7-Dec 4:59am UTC
There will be a master server upgrade with an outage for all miners of 10-30 minutes.
All miners will failover to their other pools and failback once the upgrade is complete.
Check Discord or the recent forum posts for details about the upgrade.
Discord availableStatus: Check the Home Page
Discord available
Reminder notice about the Discord channel
Check the Home page for the Discord invite link!
There's also a Block Bot @everyone message on Discord to get quick block find announcements

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