KanoPool:  7.23PHs/7.15PHs
Shares:  15,334,172,819,509 (86.09%)
Invalids:  1.2M (0.21%) · 27.2G (0.18%)
Last Block
Pool:  85d 12h 23m (640887)
Network:  6m 25s (653513)
Users:  98
Workers:  275

Welcome to KanoPool

KanoPool is a Bitcoin mining pool that uses the PPLNS payout method.
Read the Help menu links on the right for more information about KanoPool and Bitcoin.
KanoPool is the best mining pool for Bitcoin, see Help->KanoPool here for details.
Register to mine on KanoPool using the Login/Register link at the top right.
See below for more information on miner configuration.

You can get pool support on Discord (10 minutes after joining)
When you next log back in to Discord, use the login button at the top right in your browser to log back in.
Or visit the Bitcoin talk forum here: BitcoinTalk

Our kano.is mining servers, web site and email, are all also available at kano.space
It's a 'backup domain' in case you ever have any problems using the kano.is domain

Mining configuration:
Click on the Login/Register link to register a username to mine with.
No password is required to mine, so just use X for your password in your miner, since most miners need you to enter a password.
Don't leave the miner password blank and don't use your account login password.

e.g. if your miner has a web page, you would fill it in similar to this with your username instead of Kano:
Pool 1:stratum+tcp://stratum.kano.is:3333
Pool1 worker:Kano.worker
Pool1 password:x

Your miner worker name can be whatever you choose and will be automatically created when your miner connects to the pool.
It must be: your registered username, followed by a dot '.' or an underscore '_', followed by a worker name.

If you have network issues using port 3333, you can also try any of:

The stratum server is in West-USA
There are other servers located around the world that you may be closer to:
stratum+tcp://or.kano.is:3333 (Oregon)
stratum+tcp://nya.kano.is:3333 (NewYork)
stratum+tcp://nl.kano.is:3333 (Netherlands)
stratum+tcp://sg.kano.is:3333 (Singapore)

As with the main stratum server, each of these allows mining to port 3333, 80, 81, 443 and 8080

To check how close nodes are to you, you may need to use a tcping program, since some of the nodes you can't use a standard ping.
When you do a tcp ping, use port 8080 on all the nodes you are checking.

On windows, check here for psping that will do a tcp ping: Microsoft psping
e.g. psping -4 -n 10 stratum.kano.is:8080

Only use firmware provided by the miner manufacturer.
Don't point CPU or GPU miners at the pool.
Don't point rental miners at the pool.

Pool settings
The pool is configured to start you mining at 8190 difficulty.
The pool adjusts the per instance difficulty to maintain a share rate of approximately 18 shares per minute.
However, there is a lower limit set on the difficulty of 442.

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