KanoPool:  20.85PHs/17.56PHs
Shares:  41,426,743,917,132 (53.15%)
Invalids:  687.0k (0.08%) · 33.1G (0.08%)
Last Block
Pool:  100d 13h 51m (PPLNS 824284)
Network:  16m 26s (839094)
Users:  116
Workers:  299

Solo Mining


You have the option to Solo mine on the pool instead of PPLNS mining.

Solo mining means that if you find a block, you get all the block reward minus the pool 0.5% fee.
It also means that if anyone else on the pool finds a block, you won't get any reward from that block.

Normally, this would be of use only for large miners who don't wish to share mining with others,
but are large enough such that the variance of Solo mining isn't too high.

It can also be used by large miners who want to have their own pool,
but wish to avoid the large overhead of having to setup and run a pool as reliable as KanoPool,
and avoid the high risk of having to find others to manage the pool.

Solo mining for a small miner is high risk and likely to incur a loss due to the low probability of finding a Solo block.
N.B. the expected return on renting miners is lower than the cost of renting them.
See the Help->Luck page here for more information about mining.

To create a Solo account, you register on the pool and switch the account to Solo using the Account->Solo page.
You will only be able to see the Account->Solo page if your are logged in to a new account
or you have already successfully switched the account to Solo.

There are some restrictions on switching your account:

The account must have been created in the last 2 hours.
You must not have pointed ANY miners at the account.
You must have verified the account email under Account->Verify.
You must have set a payout address under Account->Settings.

You will not be able to change the account from Solo back to PPLNS.

If you already have a PPLNS account on the pool and want to mine Solo also,
simply create another account and make sure it has a different new payout address for Solo.
If you just created a PPLNS account, make sure you wait a day before creating a Solo account.
Also, if you just created a Solo account, make sure you wait a day before creating a PPLNS account, if you want one.


This table shows the chance for a list of hash rates, to find a block in one day
at the current network Difficulty: Nd = 86,388,558,925,171.0 = 86.4T

Hash RateChance in a dayChance in a week
1GH/s1 in 42943985571 in 613485508
5GH/s1 in 8588797111 in 122697102
100GH/s1 in 429439861 in 6134855
300GH/s1 in 143146621 in 2044952
600GH/s1 in 71573311 in 1022476
1TH/s1 in 42943991 in 613486
10TH/s1 in 4294401 in 61349
50TH/s1 in 858881 in 12270
100TH/s1 in 429441 in 6135
1PH/s1 in 4294.41 in 613.5
5PH/s1 in 858.881 in 122.70
10PH/s1 in 429.441 in 61.35
100PH/s1 in 42.9441 in 6.135
200PH/s1 in 21.4721 in 3.067

You can see that as the hash rate goes up 10x the chance gets 10x better.

Alas this table doesn't mean you expect to find a block in that many days.
Difficulty changes about every two weeks, so the chances also change every 2 weeks.
If the chance in 1 day was 1 in 1000, the Difficulty 1000 days from now would be nothing like it is now.
So clearly, while it may be a 1 in 1000 chance today, it wont mean you expect to find a block in 1000 days.

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